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The best Bar Mitzvah entertainment ever


This Israeli sensation is exactly what you need.

Roi Yozevitch is a mentalist, holds a P.H.d in electronics, is an orthodox Jew and a bestselling author.

His special program for Shabbat-Bar-Mitzvah is a smash hit in Israel, and you will love him.

What is this all about?


We all know about entertainers specializing in Bar Mitzvah parties, and they're great. The problem is what to do for Shabbat? We want our guests entertained during this 25-hour-long celebration, but who can perform his act while observing the Shabbat? Roi can, and he does a fantastic job every time. He is so popular in Israel, that he is booked full for months in advance. At your family's Bar Mitzvah, your gusest will enjoy a proffessional mentalism show, fully oriented twords the Chatan Bar Mitzvah.

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